How to Buy Modafinil 100 mg Online

How to Buy Modafinil 100 mg Online

Probably, everyone has no doubts that the coronavirus pandemic has divided our life into before and after. However, not all businesses are experience problems by overcoming these difficult times. On the contrary, online Modafinil shopping is growing every day because people are unwilling to take risks by standing in long lines. In particular, this applies to online pharmacies.

Vons Pharmacy [Rating: 3.3]
5638 E Kings Canyon Rd, Fresno, CA 93727, United States | (559) 458-0240 |

What a Great Staff. Peter is an amazing Pharmacist and very easy to talk to. Susan is very nice and always has time to explain anything you need to know. Even when there’s a Long Line, never fear. They move it along so quickly.

On multiple occasions, my wife went to Vons Pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. The first time she was not given proper directions from the pharmacist or her doctor on how to use her medication, and it resulted in atrophy. The second time we were given no options but to purchase the most expensive name-brand medication, which was again too powerful for my wife’s body and caused another bad reaction. After speaking with the insurance company, we found a FREE and less potent medication for her. When we called the pharmacy, they hung up on us twice before we could even speak. We are NEVER returning to Sullivan’s Pharmacy. A decent pharmacist would have recommended a generic version of the medication. But instead, we are out almost $400 and can’t even use or return the prescription. What a waste.***UPDATE was able to reach the District Manager. He was very nice and apologetic. He called the pharmacy to have them accept our returned medication immediately. They made it right.

BK Pharmacy [Rating: 4.6]
6741 N Willow Ave #106, Fresno, CA 93710, United States | (559) 438-2888 |

This is the best pharmacy that I’ve been in. The facility is clean to perfection, well-stocked, and had all of the newest items; the employees were very helpful and friendly. I was there for my vaccine. The staff followed the appropriate rules for customers coming for their vaccines. I would visit this BK Pharmacy again, even though I would bypass several others that are closer.

Seriously couldn’t ask for a better pharmacy and pharmacist. I got bit by a spider on the weekend and didn’t even think about the pharmacy closing early. I texted the emergency number, and Dr. Garber was out to dinner for his anniversary out of town. He went above and beyond to go to the pharmacy when they got back to town and brought my prescriptions to my house because I was afraid that I would have to wait until Monday to get them, and the infection was going to spread. I have never had such amazing customer service. I will recommend it to anyone and everyone!!!

Modern Drug [Rating: 4.5]
3044 Tulare St, Fresno, CA 93721, United States | (559) 266-0701 |

Very friendly and helpful staff. They are transparent with how much prescriptions and medicine would cost and find ways of assisting you by offering different options or generic brands. On a Saturday, I came just 5 minutes past closing, and the owner was still there. He opened up and assisted me without a sense of rush or urgency even though he completely was not required to, as the store was technically closed – definitely 5 stars.

Modern Drug is centrally located. The pharmacy has a drive-thru. The cashiers, the female pharmacist, and the pharmacy technicians are like zombies, listless and apathetic when engaging with the customers. The only saving grace for this location is the male pharmacist, and he is always pleasant.

Rite Aid Pharmacy [Rating: 3.3]
4224 E Shields Ave, Fresno, CA 93726, United States | (559) 229-6024 |

My husband and I both received our first covid vaccine on March 13th. We were just one of the lucky ones to be able to be on the computer at the right time and was able to schedule our appointments. When going to the clinic run by the Medicine Shop, we were both impressed with how well organized it was and so thankful for all the volunteers who gave their time to make it so successful. Thank you, Rite Aid Pharmacy, for doing your part for the community.

Every time I go to get my Rx, they are out of stock. This has happened 4 times now with different Rx’s. To have to wait over a week to get my medication is ridiculous. It would seem that they could contact another store to see if they have some they can borrow to fill the order. Then when the shipment comes in, they can replace it. What a great idea to bad someone else didn’t think of it. Other pharmacies have done this I’ve seen it.